Where do you invest?

At this time we exclusively invest in companies based in the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia. Rest of world: we’ll get to you some day!

What do you invest in?

We are software generalists and don’t favor particular verticals.

The vast majority of our portfolio companies are in B2B, fintech, and consumer digital health.

As a small fund, we tend to shy from capital intensive companies including companies requiring physical products such as e-commerce or hardware and ad-revenue based models.

What stage do you invest in? Do you invest in Series A rounds?

We invest in pre-seed rounds. Not seed. Not post-seed / mango seed. Pre-seed.

We may occasionally invest as a follow-on investment into a Series A round in existing portfolio companies. However, our initial investments are at the pre-seed stage.

Are you an accelerator?

We are not an accelerator program, in the traditional sense, but we like to work with our founders to add value where we can – especially by leveraging our network in the Silicon Valley and with the growth programs that we offer our portfolio companies.

Do you lead rounds? What is your check size?

Our first check is usually $25k unless we’ve worked with the founder before.

We are very comfortable setting terms and being the first check into your company! But, because of our small check size, we won’t be putting in the bulk of money in your round.

If you have an existing lead, we will evaluate the terms of the round that are already there and decide if we want to invest alongside the lead.