VU Texas Is A Value Add Investor

Every VC Says It, But Few Deliver It. We Have A Track Record Of Executing On Our Value Add. We have a fiery passion, iron will and tireless work ethic to make your dream come true

A More Powerful Network

Most Seed & Series A funds only have an investment team of 3-7 people, meaning you can only leverage the network of 3-7 people.

With VU Texas, Portfolio Companies are able to leverage a significantly larger network:

  • The network of our VU Partner’s ~30 person investment team across Enterprise, Fintech, and Frontier, through VU’s expertise
  • Our Insider Investor Network (260+ VU Alumni working at VC/PE funds at all levels from Analysts, Associates, Principals, to Partners)
  • A deep network across VC/PE Funds, potential clients, strategic partners, advisors / board members, key hires, and future acquirers

Key Introductions

VU Texas often makes a few key introductions during our deeper due diligence process to help with our vetting process. We’ll give you a taste of our value add even before we invest.

Worst case scenario, we don’t invest, but you get a few key new introductions. Best case scenario, we invest, and then open our rolodex to really help accelerate the growth trajectory of your company

VU Texas’s powerful network can provide introductions to:

  • Investors: Potential investors for the current round or future investment rounds.  We have a deep network of VC/PE investors with VU’s partnership built over the past 45+ years
  • Clients: Whether your pre-revenue or have a client pipeline you’re looking to grow; we can help fast track customer conversations within your industry
  • Strategic Partners: We can help intro you to corporate development teams and corporate VC teams
  • Advisors / Board Members: Executive support can be helpful in thinking through strategies for growing your company
  • Key Hires: Skilled senior talent across CRO, CMO, CFO, CTO, and growth talent within engineering, sales, marketing, project management, etc.
  • Acquirers: From our best of performing companies to the ones that need a safe landing if things don’t go the way as planned, we can help identify and tee up potential acquirers

Experience Matters

VU Texas’s investment team has 15+ years of VC experience, investing $10M+ in 20+ companies, and returning 4x+ in net realized returns.

VU Texas can help you see around corners, provide useful insight on strategy, and pass on critical timely wisdom when things go great and tough times occur.

Our team has high integrity and has co-invested with most of the top VC funds at some point in the past. We are here to help fabulous founders enable a happier advanced world and a higher return for our investors and founders.

VU Texas is for Trust, Exemplary, Xany, Audacious, Sanguine

Money Matters

Many seed funds don’t have any capital reversed for follow-on investments and many Series A funds don’t have much reserved for follow-on rounds either, using a spray and pray approach to VC investing.

VU Texas has 66% of the Fund reserved for follow-on investments, so we can participate in multiple follow-on investments through a company’s journey until exit. While we typically co-invest in the first round of up to $1M, we have the ability to potentially lead your follow-on round as well up, investing up to $10M.

Startup Application Form

After you submit your company’s information, we we will share it with the appropriate deal sourcing team across  Enterprise, Fintech, and Frontier, and follow-up if there is interest in meeting.